Dangerous things..

by admin on July 9, 2013

The first reviews of Dangerous Girls are going up, and I am LOVING your reactions. Seriously, just imagine me sitting here, cackling with evil glee as you freak the hell out.

“Dangerous Girls was incredible. Very chilling.” – Sugarscape.com

A selection from goodreads:

“Completely and utterly hooked me in. I literally could not put it down… A fab read if you love murder mysteries, intrigue, and to be kept guessing.” – Kirsty (overflowinglibrary.com)

“Oh. My. F*&^ing. God.” – River (innocencewalker.wordpress.com)

“Dangerous Girls is one of the best YA thrillers I’ve ever read and is a must-read for summer!” – Jessica (jessheartsbooks.blogspot.com)

“Very clever, tightly-plotted thriller with characters and events that will keep you guessing until the last page.” – Allie (thebookstalker.com)

“WHAT THE EFFFFF?!” – Steph (poetrytoprose.com)

“This book astounded me, shocked me, startled me, and ultimately left me with my mouth agape at the sheer brilliance of it all once I turned the last page.” – Blythe¬†(Findingblissinbooks.blogspot.com)

(Can I get that one printed on a T-shirt? Or left as my voicemail? Seriously!)

DG is out in just a couple of weeks, so stay tuned for the blog tour, and all kinds of goodies.

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