Older Press:

  • The Liberation of Alice Love

“McDonald’s smart chick-lit novel takes a provocative view of a timely subject—identity theft.”Booklist

A lot of little lies add up to a whole lot of fun… a romantic page-turner.” - Publishers Weekly

“Refreshing, fun and sexy, this is a perfect beach read.”   Closer

“It’s chick-lit on a mission!” ***** NOW magazine

“Oxford University has always been a hotbed of literary talent, nurturing young, thrusting writers, eager to make their mark on the world of letters. But its bookish alumni are rarely associated with ‘chick lit’, that most female-focused and commercial of genres.

More’s the pity, says a defiant Abby McDonald, 24-year-old Oxford graduate and rising star of the chick-lit world….” READ MORE

  • The Popularity Rules:

“A brilliantly-written story, full of humour, hearthbreak, and attitude – you’ll love it.” **** Closer

Glamour Magazine ‘Must-Read’ pick.

“A funny, true-to-life tale about a woman who ditches her laid-back, anti-schmoozing lifestyle for glitzy parties, buzzing contacts and popularity.” **** Heat

“Fresh and funny.”

  • Sophomore Switch/ Life Swap

“This riveting tale of two sophomore girls will have readers laughing, guessing, cringing, and unable to turn the pages fast enough.” – Sacramento Book Review

“Important questions emerge from this frothy novel: Can’t smart girls embrace frivolity, beauty and sexuality without guilt? Can’t they have fun and be serious too? McDonald cleverly answers. Her ostensibly simple, bubble-gum debut is actually chock-full of substance.” - Kirkus starred review

“Empowering, engaging, and often humorous, this story is about two very different young women who swap places and discover great potential within themselves.” - Journal Enquirer

“Challenges standard definitions of feminism…the characters’ strong personalities and the book’s easy sense of humor will keep readers entertained.”  - Publisher’s Weekly

“McDonald’s debut is more sober than it sounds, and you can almost feel her copious talents bursting at the seams…intelligent writing and interesting takes on feminism.” - Booklist

“This is a quick, enjoyable read about how finding oneself often requires leaving behind everything familiar and embracing the unfamiliar… McDonald does an excellent job of presenting these lessons in a humorous and entertaining manner.” - School Library Journal

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